Commercial Insurance

Protect your business without worrying about insurance

You don’t want to think about insurance.
And you don’t need to.

We guide you through the process by: 

  • Getting to know your business goals and what you need to protect.
  • Finding the options that best suit your needs.
  • Presenting our recommendations, walking you through the types of coverages, pros and cons, and the details you need to know to choose the ideal solution confidently. 

You won’t need to worry about your coverage. You can get back to business, knowing what matters most is protected. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here to help.

Anthony Zimny

Anthony Zimny, CIC, AAI

President, Client Advisor
Josh Meyers

Josh Meyers, CIC

Vice President, Client Advisor
Heather Carlson

Heather Carlson

Account Manager: Commercial Insurance
Lisa Korbel

Lisa Korbel

Account Manager: Commercial Insurance
Carrie Korman

Carrie Korman

Account Manager: Commercial Insurance

I made the switch to work with someone local to our community and understood commercial coverage.

The folks at Zimny Insurance take the time to study the market in advance and bring reasonable solutions to the table. They go out of their way to ensure the customer has the correct level of insurance at the most reasonable premium.


Anthony does annual reviews of all policies.

It makes sure pricing is fair, and he always has suggestions on coverage amounts, deductibles, and is transparent with the risk of changes.


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