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Prepare for the unexpected.

Protect What

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Straightforward insurance solutions for your peace of mind

We make insurance easier.

You have a lot to protect, and insurance can seem like a foreign language. You don’t want to wonder if you’ll be covered if the unexpected happens. It can be worrisome, confusing, and stressful. We make it easier. 

There’s no insurance one-size-fits-all.

We ask the right questions and uncover your needs so we know what matters most to you. Then, we use our expertise to find and present the best solutions. You’ll feel confident deciding what’s best — no worry, confusion, or stress.

For Businesses

Protect your business without worrying about insurance

We’re led by our mission,
“To protect what matters to our clients.”

If the unexpected happens, we help you navigate and return to where you want to be.

Price shopping led us down a path that resulted in unexpected losses that were not covered.

That is when we realized we first needed to select an agent to work with us to solve our business needs and then allow them to find the best price.


I know that any questions or concerns we may have will be taken care of as quickly as possible.

If our primary contact person is not available, there is also someone else to assist us. The staff at Zimny Insurance is absolutely amazing to work with!


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